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"Empowering Girls to be Next Generation Leaders Worldwide"
-Girl Power Unleashed

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Women In Leadership - Interviews

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Girl Power Unleashed Podcast- I interview women leaders across the globe who have taken initiative and created an impact on society. The goal is to understand the opportunities, the challenges and the “How” of their success. The goal is to inspire young women to achieve more, be more and do more for the communities they live in.

Empower girls to take initiative, be more confident and become leaders.

-Girl Power Unleashed

About Ruhi Ladwa

Hello! I am Ruhi Ladwa. I am the founder of “#GirlowerUnleashed”.

I am deeply passionate about cultivating the leadership potential in young girls, firmly believing that every girl possesses the inherent capacity to lead and deserves to have her voice acknowledged and valued.

#GirlPowerUnleashed is a platform to learn from Women Leaders across the globe, understand what made them successful and find patterns that can be replicated and taught to young girls to build the next generation leaders!

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